HTTP Status as a Service

My latest side project is a toy product for automated testing. More info is available on Medium

PrettyLoader: A Pattern for Wait Animations in React

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8 Tips for Dealing With Large React Codebases

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Typecheck Your JS With Flow and Get Code Comments for Free

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My Simple VIM Setup

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Migrate Github Wiki to Media Wiki in 10 Not-So-Easy Steps

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Xtreme Learning: 9 Tips to Getting Up and Running When You’re Cutting Your Teeth Against Development Problems

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DJ Chrono: A Slackbot Using the Toggl API

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Tips for Building a Text-Based UI in Node

Over the past week or so, I’ve been working on building Straturgery, a text-based game, playable over telnet, written in node.js.

The game, being both text-based and only accesable over telnet has provided some interesting challenges. I can’t use ncurses (since telnet is text-only), and have to build my windows and interfaces by hand. Here are a few things I’ve learned.

Side Project: Watching All the Tech Job Openings in New Orleans

For a long time, I’ve been fascinated by websites that are simply a generated set of flat files. 9 times out of ten, the content you want to put up on the web doesn’t change enough to warrant a big back end database. Generating files (HTML and the like) up from and simply serving a bunch of static files is a great way to have a simple and fast website.